Conexus Conflict Consultancy


Terence Bevington

Terence Bevington BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, MSc, MEd

Accredited Restorative Practitioner, Restorative Justice Council

Terence Bevington is the founder and Director of Conexus Conflict Consultancy. He has created Conexus in order to extend and expand the reach of the work that he believes to be crucially important and highly fulfilling.

Terence’s commitment to restorative approaches and conflict transformation has evolved over the course of his 25 years as an educationalist. Working initially as a modern foreign languages teacher and then as a teacher-educator and strategic consultant with an inner-London education authority, Terence has gained a solid practical grounding in the realities of school-life and the often untapped potential for conflict to bring learning and growth.

Terence’s solid practical grounding is balanced with a deep philosophical and theoretical understanding of the field of restorative approaches and conflict transformation. He is a true lifelong learner: having achieved Distinctions in three Master’s degrees, he is currently close to concluding his PhD at the University of Cambridge. The focus of Terence’s doctoral research is peace in schools.

Terence has a deep and critical interest in the question of evaluation, and he is in the process of developing innovative evaluation methodologies that can usefully and meaningfully capture the impacts of working restoratively in schools. Terence was a consultant evaluator for a Joseph Rowntree funded evaluation of a UK Peace Education programme, and he is lead evaluator for a community-based Family Group Conference programme.

Healthy relationships lie at the heart of Terence’s work, both with partners and with clients. The various partnerships he has developed within his work are built on values of integrity, trust and challenge. Terence has contributed to the network of restorative practitioners by organising several conferences and professional development days in collaboration with fellow restorative colleagues. Terence has gained a respected reputation amongst his peers and clients. He is highly regarded for his sharp strategic thinking, his warm facilitation style and his robust methods of implementation and evaluation.

Terence has presented on his practice and his research at national and international conferences in the UK, Australia, Turkey, Colombia and Spain. He is a respected author with an emerging body of work including peer-reviewed academic journal articles, chapters in edited books and a book co-authored with his PhD supervisor.


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