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Positive Peace in Schools - what it's all about...

Positive Peace in Schools

I thought it would be useful - and hopefully interesting - to share some excerpts from the book that Dr Hilary and Cremin and I have written: Positive Peace in Schools, which was published last month. 

Here, I take an excerpt from the Introduction, in which we set out our aims in writing the book:

"The aim of this book is to work with Galtung and the perennial and elusive concept of peace in order to render peace practicable without compromising or commodifying its essence. We do not underestimate the difficulties of working towards positive peace in schools, but neither do we give up hope. We argue fundamentally that more attention needs to be given to peace-building, that this is a process; an attitude, a leaning-towards, a never giving-up. It is not an end state. The builder of peace does not have to be perfect, neither does peace reside in utopia; but peace-building does fundamentally involve a life-long process of working, as much as possible, for positive peace. This may sometimes be more about transformative moments than transformed institutions."

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