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Conflict Competence

"Conflict competence is the ability to develop and use cognitive, emotional, and behavioural skills that enhance productive outcomes of conflict while reducing the likelihood of escalation or harm".


Conflict Transformation

John Paul Lederach first showed me the way of conflict transformation and his Little Book is a treasure trove. An abridged version can be found here: 


Restorative Approaches

I am deeply fortunate to have learned from Graeme George. He very generously shares a wealth of resources here: 


Restorative pioneer Marg Thorsborne first trained me in Restorative Practice and is now my valued mentor and dear friend. She's my restorative go-to person. Her implementation book (co-authored with Peta Blood) is filled with wisdom drawn from experience: 

I have put together this synthesis of the available evaluation evidence: Why schools engage with Restorative Practice. Models of Implementation. Implementation evidence. Impact evidence. References.

Here is a useful 2 minute video introduction to Restorative Approaches in Schools developed by the Reflect Respekt Restore Project.



From Alawa Primary School, Australia

From Alawa Primary School, Australia

A useful one page summary of which strategies to use when.